Wausau Supply

Return Policy


To offer you the best possible service, we will make every reasonable effort in support of returning merchandise originally purchased from Wausau Supply Company (WSC).
We acknowledge that material returns are a necessary component of the sales process. We believe our policies to be fair and equitable. Our intent is to provide timely services, receive only materials that are resalable as new, and maintain the integrity of our policies.


  • Please review your order with our driver at the time of delivery. The WSC driver will note any shipping errors or claims of damage that may prevent future credit if returned. The driver will ensure appropriate and timely corrections are made.
  • When the product being returned is on-site, properly packaged, and secured for shipment; complete the returns process in Wausau Supply online account, or complete the Return Goods Authorization (RGA) form available online and send to [email protected].
  • Driver is unable to accept any material not listed on the return paperwork.
  • Should your product not be properly prepared or available at the time of pick up, the original return will be cancelled. Please resubmit the return request when the product is available at your location and prepared for shipment.
  • As part of our returned goods receiving process, we inspect for product accuracy and quantity, as well as product integrity. We strive to put product back into inventory that we would be proud to sell to you again.
  • Should any discrepancies arise during our receiving process, you will be contacted by a Customer Service Representative.
  • Generally, returned product that does not meet integrity standards will be disposed of without credit. We acknowledge the impact this may cause, thus we’ll provide appropriate information in advance of this action being taken.


  • Return credits will be issued based on invoice cost, less a 25% restocking fee.
  • Returned goods will be accepted within 120 days of the invoice date.
  • WSC locations offering EWP will only accept EWP returns within 30 days of the invoice date.


  • For WSC to sell the product as new, the packaging and product need to be uncompromised. Things to look for include: water marks and/or damage, rips, tears, punctures, scratches or dirt/grime. If a product can be made resalable through cleaning, please do so prior to submitting a return, as cleaning and/or repackaging is not part of the WSC return process.
  • A key step in the return receipt process is the transportation from your facility to ours. Please ensure the product is packaged and securely palletized so that it can be safely transported to WSC.
  • Our driver will refuse any product that does not meet safety and quality standards.

Due to their perishable or custom nature, the following products are not considered returnable:

  • Product not stocked at any WSC location
  • Any non-packaged or open packs of Diamond Kote products.
  • Product noted as non-returnable on the original order confirmation.
  • Discontinued and Closeout items
  • All stone product
  • Concrete Pouring Tubes
  • Any Schlage locks that have been rekeyed, construction keyed or master keyed
  • EWP: 18" & 24" OSB Rim, 24" LVL, Architectural GluLam Beams & Columns, 70, 90, 230, 360 & 560 Series Joists


Thank you for your continued support in choosing to partner with Wausau Supply Co.

Updated April 4, 2024